Decibel shaker

A Music Producer in the Mont-Blanc Region



As an original and independent producer of songwriters and bands, Single Bel was born from the desire to share his lifelong passion for music with most of people. Enjoy the music! Without hesitating for a second, in 2015 a new name appeared in the musical landscape of production: Single Bel.

As an independent music
publisher registered to Sacem, Single Bel is the trademark registered by Box en Loc for all his musical works. That’s right, we do not only do personal storage, we do know music, we even know it very well…Involved in the music industry for years, today we want to get in tune with the others and find new talents to beat time with them.
Wherever they come from, rock, jazz or folk music, they are, before everything, artists we have fallen in love with and whom we are proud to guide on the disk and music market, helping them realize and produce their musical projects.

Similar to a record company, Single Bel is a musical label and a structure of artistic production dedicated to:
• Musical and graphic publishing
• Musical and phonographic production
• Sound recording of artistic projects and musical artworks
• Catalogues and compilation publishing
• Catalogue collections republishing
• Signature of artists

• Artistic careers development
• Licences agreement
• Catalogue musical distribution
• Discs, CDs, DVDs, vinyl records, mp3 players and music scores selling and merchandising

We like BEautifuL stories with Single Bel especially when they are written through music and song…

Bear's towers, Zee Jargonauts, The dirty bins

Our original gang is only composed of great finds, talented composers and musicians, just as the way we like them to be.